The Case of the Mismanaged and the Misinformed

- Just this past week, I have had a handful of new patients come to the practice seeking a 2nd opinion. The conclusion amazingly was either mismanaged and/or misinformed! The first part of the misinformation begins with the diagnosis phase. An MRI was never done to check the status of the articular discs. This is a very basic and a... read more »

The Case of the Bowling Ball Head

- Over the many years of interest and training in physical therapy with a bit of osteopathy, I have come across an interesting term: Bowling Ball Head. This term originates out of the fact that so many of us have Forward Head Posture (FHP). FHP comes from leaning over our computer all day and not maintaining a good sitting or... read more »

The Case of the Grandiose Grinder AKA “Crazy Clencher”

- So many of my new patients tell me they ‘clench like crazy’ or grind their teeth like there is no tomorrow. There are several reasons why a person might clench or grind their teeth. Let’s get into a few of them. Some of the more recent research indicates that more than half the time a person will grind/clench in... read more »

The Case of the Direction with Dystonia

To be honest, no one knows everything there is to know about dystonia- what causes it, how to diagnose it, how to treat it. There is so much speculation that we could go on for hours discussing all the various issues. However, there is one thing that I can say I have observed for sure. In almost every case- that’s... read more »

The Case of ALF Appliances and What They Do

- Over the years I have made perhaps a few thousand ALF appliances for my patients and still get this question almost every day: What is an ALF and what does it really do? Let’s start off with what ‘ALF’stands for: Advanced Lightwire Functional. I suppose it really is still considered an ‘advancement’ because so few people have heard of... read more »

The Case of a Simple Rule of Physics

- So in today’s blog, dear readers, I will present to you a fairly simple rule of physics: No two objects can occupy the same place at the same time. It’s pretty simple, admittedly. But now let’s get into the example that I have in mind for you. As you all know, I do complicated orthodontics in my practice every... read more »

The Case of the Casa

In an interesting twist of terms, a study done out West called the TuCASA study – the Tucson Children’s Assessment of Sleep Apnea- it was discovered that there is a negative relation between AHI and immediate recall. What this means in English is that a high apnea index correlates to poor recall in children, i.e. they do not remember what... read more »

The Case of the Terrible Trigeminal Traffic

Did you know that there is a very large nerve that innervates much of the skull? It is called the trigeminal nerve and it looks kind of like this: As you can readily see, this is one HUGE nerve and it covers a lot of surface area in your skull. It also just so happens that this nerve goes right... read more »

The Case of: A little bit More About TMJ Disorder and Sleep

Recently, I wrote a little blog about how perhaps, just maybe, we should take the time to analyze WHY a patient requires a biteguard/nightguard device. Last week I went to the office of a friend of mine and I mentioned how I am seeing so many new patients these days who tried the biteguard and it did not work too... read more »