Are Teeth Extractions Helpful?

In the past, it was quite common for an orthodontist to order extractions of perfectly good teeth to make the process of moving teeth and creating space with the use of braces easier. So many children are now presenting with narrow arches and crowded teeth that it made sense (somewhat) to remove the crowded teeth, thus allowing the orthodontic work... read more »

The Case of the No Pain Patient

  Here we are in the middle of 2022, and I have to admit that every day I am in the office I see incredible things. At this point I am so used to hearing that our patients feel better, headaches are down and they are sleeping. This has become the norm. But every now and then it just does... read more »

Why Should We Look at Facial Asymmetry?

In the world of dealing with craniofacial and TMJ disorders, it is critical to look at any asymmetries or irregularities that might exist within a person’s skull. This can be as simple as just visually sitting down in front of that patient and looking at them from a critical viewpoint, or as detailed as taking X-rays from all angles and... read more »

Myths about TMJ and Sleep

TMJ and sleep disorders are very common but not really understood.  This can explain why myths or misconceptions are out there.  The other side of this coin is this is also commonly misdiagnosed because symptoms vary from person to person and are similar to other problems.  One example of similarities is with Lyme Disease.  This is caused by a tick... read more »

The Case of the Crazy Commitment

When I meet with new patients in our office, I have lots and lots of information that I give them to help them understand their TMJ and sleep problems. One of the biggest things we talk about is commitment. Yes, that’s right, when you come to my office you have to commit to the treatment regimen or it simply will... read more »

Why Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy is a program of specific exercises that target the facial muscles. The exercised-based therapy focuses on the mouth, tongue, and face muscles. These exercises are designed to develop, improve, and promote proper breathing, chewing, and swallowing. These exercises do strengthen the tongue. Below are frontal and side views of good normal growth and development of the orofacial structures.... read more »

Home Remedies and Treatments to Help With TMJ Disorders

So many people in this world suffer from displaced discs in their jaw joints and have a hard enough time going about their daily lives that it’s time to give a little more perspective on what can be done to make their lives easier. One of the most helpful tools in dealing with TMJ disorders is so simple yet can... read more »

The Case of the Serious Side Effects

So, let’s talk (well, it’s me doing most of the talking) about the side effects of TMJ disorders. You, dear readers, already know about the problem of having displaced discs in the TM joints and how this can cause terrible pain in the body. I’ll bet you didn’t know that this can directly correlate to disease processes like cardiovascular disease... read more »

Non-Surgical Diagnosis and Management of Head and Neck Pain

- It is unfortunate that so many people suffer the pain of headaches along with neck and back pain, but there are ways to manage. The first step is diagnosis- i.e., figure out what is really going on. For so many people, craniofacial pain is a real problem. If the discs in the jaw joints are displaced this can be... read more »

The Case of the Really Rogue Review

- When we survey our patients, generally we find that 90% or more are doing better, however, that last 10% is what makes our day sometimes very difficult. You see folks, as most people know, the unhappy person is the one who makes the most noise. As they say, the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease- or... read more »