Referring Doctors

How We Can Help Your Patients:

At Sleep & TMJ Therapy, our dentist and team offer TMD therapy, sleep apnea treatment and orthodontic case finishing for TMD patients in Falls Church, Virginia. These are our only areas of focus, and we advise our patients to continue seeing their general dentist for their routine dental work. We work to help your patients feel better, and we know that working with their general dentist is essential to maintaining overall good dental and TMD health while working together in achieving results.

Many patients come to our office from referring dentists after a TMD screening is performed and the patient presents with limited range of motion or pain in the jaw/head/neck region. We also receive referrals from physical therapists and chiropractors so we can help address the patients’ jaw pain while they work on correcting the rest of the body.

Ultimately, one doctor cannot fix every problem. We strive to work as a team so that the patient feels better long term.

Results After One Year of Treatment

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Benefits for You:

One doctor cannot fix every problem; we focus on what we do best, which is TMJ, sleep, facial/jaw development, airway and craniofacial problems. We firmly believe that the only way to achieve greater health for our patients is to look at the big picture, the whole body. In order to do this, we frequently need assistance from other doctors.

Since our focus is quite specific, we typically refer out for dental work, body work, speech assistance, myofunctional therapy, surgical procedures and more. We are always looking for other professionals with a similar mindset who strive to offer the best level of care for their patients. We want to work together with the understanding that we, as a team, can offer the highest level of care for our patients to live pain-free lives




If you have a patient that you would like to refer to Dr. Jeffrey Brown, please call our office at 703-821-1103 and speak with one of our team members.