The End of Another Year is Here

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As we approach the end of 2023, I like to reflect back on all that has happened to my family, friends, associates and co-workers. At Sleep and TMJ Therapy, we have all been blessed by another very successful year. By successful, I am referring to the successes that are measurable in terms of how our patients feel, how they have improved, and most importantly, how so many of them now have their lives back. By success, I am also referring to all of you who have helped us spread the word about TMJ and sleep disorders.

One of our success stories that really stands out is the daughter of one of my friends. The friend and my wife go way back – about 20 years – and that friend sent her daughter to see me earlier this year. She told me that her daughter was in so much pain that when she came home at night, she could do little more than curl up in a ball and cry herself to sleep. This young woman had already been to dozens of doctors over the years and could not function much longer with so much head and neck pain. She was even thinking that life was not worth it. We were able to figure things out pretty quickly and within a month she was feeling better than she had in years. This is how debilitating TMJ disorders can be and how remarkable it is when they are fixed.

Of course, there are failures – unfortunately, most of those are with the people who have been in really bad shape for too many years. The goal is always to avoid surgery but sometimes no matter what we do (appliance therapy, massages, laser treatments, etc.) we cannot get the disc back in place or it is already perforated. The analogy that I tell patients is that they should imagine their car having an oil leak, loud muffler, brake fluid leak, smoke-belching, etc. and the mechanic trying to fix it all to restore your car. This is just too much for any mechanic to totally fix. All you can do is hope for the best. In most cases, there can be some degree of improvement. This is how TMJ treatment can be at times. You hope for the best in a bad situation. In almost all cases, however, improvement is seen, and I am thankful and grateful for that.

As we close out 2023, I am grateful for the support of our friends, families and team members who have made all of our efforts so successful. My core team members are well aware of how much I appreciate their hard work and going beyond what is expected of them. We are now in a position to further spread the word about what we can do to help people improve their lives. Our office will be expanding as many of you have already seen when you visit. We will have a bit more space to be able to prepare the treatment rooms in advance of your visit to make sure our ‘on-timeness’ is really top-notch!

So, we end this wonderful year with good friends and family all around us. May you all have a most excellent 2024 and God Bless.

Dr. Jeff Brown