Laser and Massage Therapy

Here at Sleep & TMJ Therapy, we care about your overall health and comfort, which is why we offer laser and massage services in Falls Church, Virginia. Our dentist and team offer these services as a complement to our other treatments to reduce TMD symptoms and provide other benefits for your overall health. Call us today at 703-821-1103 to schedule your visit with Dr. Jeffrey Brown for laser and massage treatment.

Laser therapy can be a great addition to your treatment. Typically, patients find this a great addition after an adjustment appointment. This is a process where your targeted area is exposed to low levels of light exposure that create a therapeutic warming sensation. This process benefits our patients with relaxed muscles, increase circulation, improved cellular metabolism and a reduction of TMD symptoms. The appointment duration is 10-20 minutes, depending on your need and targeted areas.

Our second option would be to schedule the laser treatment with a massage of the head and neck. After the laser, our massage therapist will focus on your tight muscles, relieving tightness from your stress. The major benefit of adding a massage to your treatment is an increase of endorphins, which produces a calming effect.

The combined laser therapy with massage therapy is provided on Saturday mornings, lasting about 30-40 minutes. During this time, our therapist will review stretches and self-massage techniques to be completed at home and in between appointments. Depending on your symptoms, you can start to find relief in 1-3 sessions.

Contact our office today to learn more about laser and massage therapy and schedule an appointment with our dentist!