The Case of Why We Need a Gorgeous Smile (From a TMJ Perspective)

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What a gorgeous smile means to most of us is a great set of pearly whites that show off how healthy we are and how much we care about ourselves. Caring about your smile also translates into caring about your entire body which just makes good sense. What this means to you is that by keeping all your teeth, your TMJ’s (Temporomandibular Joints) are well supported. This helps reduce the possibility of future TMJ disorder and the concomitant displaced discs associated with this problem.

Did you know that a gorgeous smile with great teeth and well-supported Temporomandibular joints also means less neck pain?  It’s so true! Time and time again it has been shown that losing a tooth means that the structural integrity of the cervical spine is compromised. This is why it is not advisable to remove any teeth unless completely necessary. In so many cases, it is necessary to remove the patient’s wisdom teeth.  For this reason, many people would benefit from wearing the ALF appliances to maintain support of the bones of the skull during the healing process. When wisdom teeth are removed, the research indicates there will be about 16 square centimeters of holes in the skull and the bone has a tendency to collapse from this. The ALF appliance will help to support the bones of the skull and more readily allow the bone to fill into the holes created by the extractions, without causing a collapsing effect.

In the past, it was much more commonplace to have all your teeth pulled out and have dentures made. The problem with the denture route is that most of the time the dentist’s lab uses a type of plastic material and the dentures have a tendency to wear down quite quickly. What happens next is the top of the jaw – the condyle – will more readily jam into the socket and we have more TMD problems. This is why it is good to avoid dentures and go the implant route.

When a person has implants done, it would be wise to get the implant crowns to the proper height. This would require working with someone like a TMJ specialist who understands that the condyles must be in the right place to protect the joints from degeneration. By paying attention to the vertical height of the implant crowns, this will allow the patient to feel better with their brand-new smile!

Another facet of dealing with a gorgeous smile is that a great smile looks better if the bones in your skull are more balanced and symmetrical. When you think about it, it kind of makes sense. If your cranial bones are level, the body is happier and looks better. Again, this is what the ALF wire is all about – symmetry and balance – and this creates a more beautiful appearance too.

So, make sure that beautiful smile translates into a beautiful and healthy YOU!