The Case of What Happens Behind the Scenes at Sleep and TMJ Therapy

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I’ll admit that we run a very busy practice that sees around 20 patients each day, but you would never guess that because it is always quiet and peaceful in the office. First of all, we do not overbook our patients; we run a very tight ship and space our times out very carefully. Therefore, when you walk into my office it is quiet and comfortable. We do not ‘stack ‘em up’ as they say. I want plenty of time to talk with each patient, making sure no one feels rushed. If there is an emergency, we do our best to work the patient in so they do not experience additional pain or discomfort.

Before each patient comes in for an adjustment or consult, my team and I take the time to study whatever records or X-rays in advance of their appointment each morning, so we are properly prepared. This takes a lot of effort some days. Not only is it important to prepare in advance, but we must also figure out the next steps for our patients; is it time for a new MRI, time for braces, time for crowns, is surgery indicated? This properly prepares me for when I walk into that operatory to see the next patient, I’m armed with the information I need for their personalized treatment.

On days like today, May 12, 2022, our schedule has taken a huge hit due to an uptick in Covid cases in the area. I kind of like these days now and then because I can write my blogs (this is number 3 today!) and review X-rays and MRIs in preparation for the coming days. There are so many weeks that we have no cancellations at all and so I must make time for the MRIs and X-rays on the weekend. That is not much fun, but it’s what I must do to prepare and get ready to explain to the patient what is going on. So, on the rare days like today, I can get caught up and be ready for the patients tomorrow.

Another little tidbit that goes on behind the scenes is that we are constantly trying to ‘get the word out there’ about what we do. I have many times been asked to put an office in Florida or California, but we would need another doctor to cover the main office in order to do that. We are working on that, but it takes time, lots of time. So now, to spread the word, I write these blogs and just recently started doing some video blogs.

As you can see, we keep busy around here. There is always something new and exciting happening. All of this is to help you, our patient, feel better. Thank you for putting your trust in our office. We love doing what we do!