The Case of the Draining Debris

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In today’s blog I am going to make a correlation with a bit of a stretch. I am going to put together the opinions and beliefs of several types of doctors and the research that correlates with those doctors. In other words, I am going out on a limb today. This blog actually started many years ago. I was at one of the ALF Academy meetings where a bunch of us ‘ALFers’ get together every few months and discuss cases (this was before the Covid shutdown when people would actually travel and see each other personally).

At that meeting, one of our osteopath doctors stood up and mentioned to me that my ALF appliances actually help the lymphatic system in the brain to drain better. Being the skeptic that I am, I balked at this and told the osteo doctor to ‘show me a paper’, ‘show some proof’, yet there was none. It was not until just a few years ago that UVA Hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia, did some very impressive research showing that the brain did indeed have a lymphatic system and it did indeed need to drain the Beta Amyloid particles at nighttime, or else this could lead to ADD, OCD, and even autoimmune disorders. These brilliant researchers are changing the medical textbooks as we speak.

Now back to that limb I mentioned. My osteopath doctors at subsequent meetings basically said the same thing- the brain needs to drain the debris, the crud, at nighttime or else the lymphatic system gets backed up and causes health problems. They reiterated how the ALF helps to align the cranial bones, freeing up blockages, and thus allowing the lymphatics to drain better. When you think about this, it kind of makes sense. I have made thousands of ALFs over the years and every day can see that the bones in the skull (the cranial bones) line up better – i.e. they become more balanced and even. The body wants symmetry, and the body wants balance. Think of it like this: I am a front end alignment specialist. I help you get your skull lined up better. In almost all cases of using the ALF appliance, I notice the cranial bones aligning better over time. This is what my osteopath doctors were saying- cranial alignment means better lymphatic drainage. It kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

As far as my own personal observations, when I use the ALF appliances for my patients, I notice that most of them begin to sleep better over time. Also, their cranial bones tend to line up better- my follow up one year xrays show so many patients where their bones look more in alignment and they feel better in general. Of course, I cannot promise this to happen, but it does in so many cases. And of course I have many xrays to show this. Is this something new perhaps? Not really. Dr. Darick Nordstrom invented the ALF many years ago and I have been using it for years now and see, and expect, the bones to line up better. For my practice, this little appliance has been such a great addition and I use it every day to improve the lives of the people that I see.