Response to the FDA Concerns Regarding AGGA and other Similar Devices

Released March 31, 2023 Over the many years of treating TMJ disorders, my office has realized a couple of things: Do not use appliance therapy that is fixed or cemented in the mouth and using the AGGA or similar devices like FAGGA, MARA, ARA, FORA and RPE may not be wise when it comes to achieving the goal of palatal... read more »

Oral Cancer and TMD- Coincidence or Correlation?

There are so many factors involved with TMD (temporomandibular disorder) that it can make one’s head spin. When it comes to analyzing TMJ disorders, there are many factors that need to be examined. One of the first pieces to the puzzle is actually a palpation exam where the dentist presses on the various muscle groups to determine if any are... read more »