Remembering Our Brave Ones: Sleep and TMJ Therapy’s Tribute

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On Memorial Day, we remember and honor the brave men and women who have served in the military. It’s a time to commemorate their sacrifices and show gratitude for their dedication to defending our country. At Sleep and TMJ Therapy, we want to pay tribute to all those who have served and their families. We are all truly grateful and remember those who have fallen.

For us, this is not just a long weekend or a perfect BBQ day. It goes deeper than that. This is a special day when we all come together, to really think about and appreciate the men and women in the military who have gone above and beyond. Those who didn’t just serve; those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live our lives freely. Imagine giving up everything for folks you’ve never even met. To us, that is a real superhero. Here at Sleep and TMJ Therapy, we are about showing respect and honor. As some of our patients share their stories or we hear about soldiers who’ve faced the unimaginable, yet pressed on for the love of their country, and for our freedom, the team and I are amazed. It makes you stop and think. These stories are not just to remember the past; they inspire us to live better and to appreciate the peace and freedom we too often take for granted.

This Memorial Day we want to hear how you are going to pay tribute. Are you going to a parade, watching Rolling to Remember, or lending a helping hand? Dr. Brown and his family always start off watching the parade of bikes from the Harley-Davidson (Fairfax, Va). We don’t just think of our actions as just for Memorial Day but as a way to make these small acts of kindness continual throughout the year. So, whether you’re visiting a site, throwing on some red, white and blue, or just taking a quiet moment to reflect, it’s all about showing up and spreading some love for those who’ve served. This blog is our way of keeping the spirit of Memorial Day alive every single day. Let’s keep that energy going, not just with a nod of respect, but with real, hands-on action. As with our treatments, this is about doing, not just remembering.