How MFT Can Help AHI, OSA, & Other Abbreviations

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There is a high percentage of the population that deals with disordered breathing while sleeping.  Many may not understand the effects of this, and how it plays into their daily life. Nor do they understand the options for fixing it. There are different routes to take while exploring what works best for you.

MFT refers to Myofunctional Therapy. This means that if you can learn how to stretch your tongue and strengthen the muscles of the face, then as you get a bit older these muscle groups will stay tauter and less droopy over time. This equates to less airway obstruction. Less fat tissue drooping into your throat means the airway will function better and your AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index) can be lowered. While treating airway disorders, a sleep apnea test is usually performed. The AHI number will be determined. An AHI of lower than 5 is usually a good number, but when it creeps up to 10 and above, this means sleep apnea could be present. If sleep apnea is present, it needs to be dealt with.  Sleep apnea affects more than just your sleep.  Daytime drowsiness can lead to difficulty concentrating and irritability.

Before discussing MFT further, there are more abbreviations to understand.  The term OSA refers to Obstructive Sleep Apnea. OSA just means that you have sleep apnea, and the AHI is relatively high. It is always important to know your numbers regarding OSA and know why a higher number is a bad sign. So do your sleep test, determine what the AHI number is, and you will know how bad the OSA is. This will help you understand how to fix the problem and the severity of your sleep apnea.

Many people would help their own health if they exercised regularly. Imagine if you exercise your tongue, your cheeks, your neck, your forehead; this would allow all the muscles of the head and neck to work better and not be so flaccid. As we get older, all these muscles simply become saggier. The less-tone flabby muscles in the throat begin to close the throat. Did you know that your tongue can harbor tremendous amounts of fat tissue? This tissue is very difficult to get rid of because practically no one exercises the tongue the way it should!

The real problem with MFT, as mentioned previously, is that even when you really should do the exercises, most do not. They are too busy, don’t really care, or think it’s kind of a silly thing. But, when they learn that the muscular system of the throat is just like working the biceps, the traps, the thighs, they more or less ‘get it.’

Learn about MFT and how it might help you because it will help you stay healthier longer.  If you’d like a more natural approach to helping reduce your OSA, this is worth looking into!  There are online resources to help you learn where to look.