A Healthy Smile Means a Healthy Body

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In the past, it was quite common to hear ‘just pull it Doc’ if your tooth had a cavity, gum disease, or caused pain. After all, you have 32 of them by the time you are a teenager. Surely, you can spare a few here and there. Well, as it turns out, even pulling your wisdom teeth may not be such a great idea if there is any chance that you can keep them. Each time a wisdom tooth is extracted, you end up with 4 square centimeters of a hole in your skull. That is a large hole, and it is highly likely that the bones in your skull will end up falling into that hole unless there is proper support during the healing phase.

Some dental practitioners have learned that if you pull teeth out for braces, you could end up compromising not only the airway, but the cervical spine as well. What happens with an excision (extraction) of a tooth is that the face tends to draw back, which puts pressure on the airway- it basically causes the face to collapse backward, thus closing the airway more. In addition, this effect of collapsing the face backward changes how the skull sits on the neck, the cervical spine. Now imagine that if the cranial bones are not level and you pull out a tooth. This could cause the skull to become more asymmetrical, which could lead to more head and neck pain. It’s all connected- if you pull a tooth, or two, or ten, this could mess up your whole body. Sorry to be so technical, but hopefully you see the logic.

An awful analogy to this is that if you break your finger, you really do not want to amputate it, do you? It just does not make much sense. For some reason, human beings became complacent with the idea that you could just pull a tooth if it went slightly wrong. Today, of course, things are different, and we want to keep every bit of our body if possible. When you have a healthy smile, it not only affects your health, but it also affects your view of the world.

Speaking strictly from a cosmetic viewpoint, everyone is well aware that when you have a great smile, full of teeth, you are more likely to be confident about life in general and will have a better outlook on the world. A healthy smile makes us more attractive to the rest of the world and more likely to interact with others- in a healthy fashion! Not to mention, when we feel better, the endorphins tend to flow more, and this uplifts our spirits greatly. Bottom line is that when you look good, you tend to feel good, and this means a healthier mind and body.